Charitable Program Tutorial

Organizing a Group Collection Drive

Program Tutorial

How to Participate As an Organization

1. To register your local collection group fill out the registration form beginning with your name, phone and email, then select your own unique ID for future login.

2. You will be automatically aligned with the existing National Organization EarthShare as the recipient of your donations. Just add in your local organization identity to aid in your collection efforts. The address information provided will be used to send your materials.
3. Once you Submit you will receive an immediate confirmation that your submission is being reviewed for immediate approval.
4. An email will be sent stating the same.
5. Within 72 hours of registering, you will receive your confirmation that your organization has been accepted and receive a temporary password to login. You will also receive instructions about the items in your toolkit.
6. Click the link from the email to enter the member area charitable area login screen. Enter your organization Login ID and the temporary password provided in your acceptance email.
7. When you need to log back into your Organization's Member Login, simply click Member Login from and click the Organization Leader Login button.
8. Once logged in you will be brought to My Account where you can view your organization name, local branch description, unique member code and a charity link that you can paste into your existing online communications directing your participants to your specific organization.
9. There are two tabs that allow you to keep track of your donation activities. Your earnings report will show each item that has been received on behalf of your local efforts and the Payment History tab will show the status of each month's payments made to EarthShare.
10. Your Edit tab will allow you to update all of your organization's information including your Login ID and Password. You can make your password anything you want and update this as often as you like.
11. Under My Recycled Items you will be able open a new browser to view any items that you have registered yourself and immediately see their current status.
12.Under Request Collection Box/Label you will be able to open your browser for ordering various collection materials including reusable table top collection boxes and 25 or 50 count shipping boxes for returning smaller collected items. You can even request prepaid shipping labels for using your own boxes.
13. Items requested can be delivered to your address or drop shipped to various chosen locations where your collection events will occur. Each comes with prepaid shipping labels identifying your organization and tracking the particular collection materials requested all the way through receipt and validation of their contents.
14. Under Invite Donors in your Recycling Toolkit you can easily upload your email lists to send a special invitation to all your organization's friends and family. There is a place for you to include your own special message before sending.
15. You can even preview your message before sending.
16. Under Banners in the Recycling Tool Kit there are a number of banners with available codes that can quickly and easily be copied and then pasted into web sites ready to promote your organization's new collection services.
17. Under Promotional Materials in your Recycling Toolkit there are a few ready made items for you to print down to help promote your collection capabilities.
18. For events we have assembled a tri-fold brochure. Simply print out each side, fold and you are ready to pass these out.
19. You can use this handy poster to place around town. The resolution will allow you to easily print multiple sizes based on the space you have to work with.
20. This label is just the right size to affix to the front of your collection boxes
21. Your donors have multiple paths for participating in this program. From offline communications they go to and enter your unique code in the charitable giving tab. Or they can complete a look up by entering your city and state.
22. Coming from one of the provided links from banners or emails, your participants are taken directly into the product selection process to begin their product donation
23. Regardless of their path once your donors enter their product for donation they will be made aware of the estimated value for their donation and confirmation that the amount is being donated on behalf of your organization. So get organized and start collecting today!
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